Boarding Points

Pick Up Points

We serve the local area with a choice of convienient pick up points. Departure times listed are from the first pick up point, usually Yateley, but the route is occasionally reversed. We use the 24 hour clock, where 1.00pm becomes 13.00hrs. The pick up route takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. We'll comfirm your actual departure times, pick up points and lastest payment date on your invoice.


- Waitrose bus stop, Monteagle Lane

- Bus stop for Aylesham Way, Firgrove Road

- Forge Court, Reading Road

- Parade Bus Stop, Reading Road


- Frogmore Road/Reading Road (Opposite East Green)

- Shell Petrol Station, London Road

- Aldi Store Bus Stop, Rosemary Lane

- Junction of Bell/Rosemary Lane

Darby Green

- Junction of Darby Green Road & Sandhurst Lane, Opposite Tesco Express


- The Library, Yorktown Road

- Wellington Arms Bus Stop

- Evenlode Road Bus Stop

College Town

- Jolly Farmer Bus Stop


- Harcourt Road bus stop Frimley Road

- Four Horse Shoes, Frimley Road

- Watchetts Middle School, Frimley Road

- James Road Bus Stop


- White Hart Bus Stop (Opposite Waitrose)

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