Sunday 05th December 2021

A Christmas Markets hosted by Cotswold Markets and Cirencester Town Council. Enjoy a festive shopping experience in beautiful Cirencester and enjoy and explore the courtyards and shopping mews.

Located in Gloucestershire, Cirencester is the city of Roman origin, one of the oldest in the country. The Romans called it Corinium Dobunnorum and it was an important seat of markets.

The Romans built temples, a forum, an amphitheater and, in the second century, the town was surrounded by walls, it seems that, in Roman times, Cirencester was the second city of Roman Britain. Come and enjoy the Cirencester Christmas Market.

The market is set up around the Market Place and West Market Place in the centre of this small town in a picturesque setting near the medieval church. The Market Place now boasts a large pedestrianised area finished in beautiful York stone.

Come and soak up a true festive atmosphere.

  • Depart 09.00hrs.
  • Ticket: Ad: £35.00, SC: £33.00 Child: £28.00.
  • Home 17.30hrs.