09th February 2020

Journey to glorious Gloucestershire for a Sunday Carvery Lunch (see below) then to a place to escape and explore. With an introductory short talk, our visit to Painswick Rococo Garden is unique in that it is the only surviving garden of the rococo period which is open to the public. The Garden is on the Historic England Register of Parks or Gardens of Special Historic Interest. It was created at a time when garden design was in transition. Previously, gardens had been formal, regular in layout and usually sited close to the dwelling. Now they were light-hearted, flamboyant and even frivolous. Features are included to surprise you and make you smile. The snowdrops are really getting going and the full display comes into its best. Other flowers that can be seen are the wonderfully long-lasting Cyclamen Coum and an array of Hellebores from deep purples to white. A selection of plants to look for include Galanthus nivalis (Common Snowdrop) Galanthus atkinsii, Galanthus atkinsii ‘James Backhouse’, Anemone nemorosa (Wood Anemone). Maybe tea and cake of your choice before departure.
  • Depart 09.30hrs.

  • Ticket: £56.00 – Home 17.30hrs

  • SC: £56.00 SC: £54.50, Ch: £48.00 – Includes 3 course Sunday Carvery Lunch with vegetarian option

  • Home: 17.45hrs